Sporting Achievements

We will keep you updated with our sporting achievements throughout the academic year, some of the highlights from last term include:





Year 5 and 6 Cross Country (22th September 2016 – Chelmer park)




Strong start to the year for the year 5 and 6 cross country team, with both year 5 teams achieved 2nd place.


Year 3 and 4 cross country

(29th September 2016 – Hylands park)


Excellent results in the first cross country race, many of the Moulsham Boys and Girl finished in the top 15. This got them an offer to join the local development squad. Overall the year 3 boys and girls as well as the year 4 boys finished 1st and the year 4 girls finished 2nd.


Year 3 and 4 cross country

(6th October 2016 – Melbourne park)

Moulsham had another great time at the cross country, not only achieving good results. All children represented the school really well with a very positive attitude.


 Boys Football Competition

(10th October 2016)



The boys had an excellent afternoon of football, showing brilliant teamwork and skill, even though the weather wasn’t perfect all the boys enjoyed the event.

The boys finished the tournament in 8th place out of 20 teams.


Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Competition

(11th October 2016 - GBHS)


The girls did outstandingly well at the tournament, though out the afternoon the girls had a really positive attitude, were very supportive of each other and showed excellent team work, taking us to the final and eventually finishing first place.


year 5 and 6 Cross Country

( 13th October 2016 – Hylands park)


A great afternoon for Moulsham junior school cross country teams. Our year 5 girls came 1st, year 5 boys came 7th out of 16 teams, year 6 girls achieved 5th place and finally the year 6 boys’ team came 2nd. Overall an excellent set of results.


Year 5 and 6 badminton and table tennis

(18th October 2016)


The children that came to the badminton and table tennis event performed outstandingly in the badminton tournament and the table tennis.

With table tennis team coming 5th and the badminton team coming 2nd overall.



Tag rugby festival

 (7th November 2016 – coronation park)

There were 14 teams competing in this event. Moulsham mayhem won their group and continued through to the semi-finals, where they eventually finished 3rd after beating St Puis in the 3rd/4th playoff.

Moulsham mischief finished 2nd in their group and eventually finished 6th overall.


Year 3 and 4 cross country

(10th November 2016 – Chelmer park)



In the cold weather Moulsham cross country teams, showed they were all very happy to be representing there school.

The results were year 3 girls came 1st, year 3 boys came 3rd, year 4 girls came 4th and year 4 boys came 2nd.                                                                                                    


Year 5 and 6 cross country

(17th November 2016 – Melbourne Park)

Moulsham Cross Country team represented the school amazingly well in the heavy rain and cold weather all remained too positive. The year 5 girl’s finished 1st and all other team also achieved good results.


Girls football final –

(24th November 2016 – Colchester)

The Moulsham girl’s football team had an excellent day playing football and supporting each other at an FA run football tournament in Colchester. A strong team performance for the girls.


Rising stars –

(29th November 2016)

A group of 4 sports representatives went along to Chelmsford sports and athletics centres to have an extra afternoon of sport.





Indoor Athletics –

(10th January 2017)

Moulsham indoor athletics team competed against 7 other schools at CSAC. All children were very determined, supported each other as well as other schools and all competed in good spirit. Every child had a part to play in the team, in a races and field events.

The team finished in first place and are though to compete in the next round!


Indoor athletics –

(24th January 2017)

Moulsham indoor athletics team went to the Chelmsford sports and athletics centre for the second round of competition against other local schools. All the children showed determination, enthusiasm and excellent sporting ability, many of the children got personal bests. Overall Moulsham finished 1st place and will be going through to represent Chelmsford at the county finals in march!


Swimming Gala –

(25th January 2017)

Moulsham swimming team competed at GBHS, against three other local schools. The whole team showed performed brilliantly. This meant that overall Moulsham won the event and are through to the next round of the competition.


Swimming gala final -

(1st February 2017)

Following the previous swimming event, Moulsham Junior School were through to the compete at Newhall in the next round, after an excellent afternoon of races, Moulsham Junior School finished 2nd overall, with each swimmer receiving a silver medal.


Year 3 and 4 cross country –

(2nd February 2017 – Melbourne park )

Another excellent day of cross country races with some good final results from all the runners, who have all given 100% effort in all the races.


Year 5 and 6 cross country – (9th February 2017 – Chelmer park)

Brilliant results from the year 5 and 6 cross country with several teams finishing within the top 3. Well done to all the runners have done Moulsham proud during the cross country season.


Gymnastics competition –

(7th march 2017)

Moulsham Junior School entered a year 5 and 6 team as well as a year 3 and 4 team into this competition, all the children in the team performed amazingly at the event doing their coach and the school proud. Overall the Year 5 and 6 team came 4th and the year 3 and 4 team came 6th.


High 5’s netball –

(13th march 2017)

The Moulsham Junior School netball team, went along to an afterschool tournament at GBHS. All the girls did well, for many of them this had been their first ever competition, the team showed great determination and energy.


Sports hall athletics county final (15th march 2017)

The athletics team did extremely well to get to this round in the completion. All members of the team had excellent behaviour and attitude throughout the day. Some individuals even got personal bests, overall Moulsham finished 6th out of 14 teams. Well done!


Yr 5 and 6 cross country relay –

(Chelmer Park 16th march 2017)


The cross country relay races are a fun challenge for our cross country team, all runners worked excellently within their mixed teams of year 5 and 6, great fun was had by all.


Rising stars –

(21st march 2017)

A group of 4 sports representatives went along to Chelmsford sports and athletics centres to have an extra afternoon of sport.


Cross country county –

(Hadleigh park 20th April 2017)

Moulsham had 5 teams that made it through to the county final. They all had an amazing day, the sun was shining. The races were very tough with lots of hills, all of the runners did amazing and did Moulsham proud.


Cross Country Individuals –

(Hadleigh Park 25th April 2017)

Moulsham was proud to send a group of runners to the individual events, these children were selected due as all their previous scores that were added across the cross country season. All the individuals that went along gave their best effort in the races and did Moulsham very proud!


Rising stars –

(16th may 2017)

A group of 4 sports representatives went along to Chelmsford sports and athletics centres to have an extra afternoon of sport.


Cricket partnership final –

(12th June 2017)

Moulsham boys and girls cricket teams went to Old Chelmsfordians to take part in a final for the cricket. Both teams played a good level of cricket and impressed all the teachers involved. Overall the boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 4th.


Quicksticks hockey –

(14th June 2017)

Moulsham hockey team attended a level 3 hockey completion, many of the team have not played in a competition before, and they all gave 100% effort, showing other schools that we are a strong team with a lot of determination!


District field events –

(19th June 2017)


District sports is a tough event but the Moulsham teams did not shy away from the competition, all members of the teams did amazingly well. Several members of scored in the top 3 positions in their event.   All the points gained in the event were added to the track events results to get the overall result for the entire district sports.


District sports track events – ( 23rd June 2017)


Track events is the second district event, the points from the earlier field events are added together to get an overall winner. This year the Moulsham team were outstanding all the children achieved very highly with many 1st places being award to Moulsham.

Moulsham had an amazing team this year which led to us being the overall winners and returning to the school with a trophy!

Well done Moulsham!


Quad kids – (26th June 2017)

Well done to both quad kids’ teams, all years of Moulsham won the competition!  The year 5 and 6 went onto to the summer games.


Summer Games (29th June 2017)

Moulsham again achieved at the summer games, well done for some fantastic individual results. We are waiting for an email from the event organisers with the overall results.


Girls cricket (6th July 2017 – Newhall school)

Mr Pugh and Miss Elder took the Moulsham girls cricket team to a tournament at Newhall, the girls had an excellent morning playing 3 matches of cricket in total. All the girls did some great bowling, batting and fielding.  Overall they finished 6th in the competition.



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