Year 3

Helping plants grow - light, water, leaves and parts of plant (simple), function of roots AT1 – what affects growth Simple key classification Light and shadow – light sources & how this affects length of shadow formation of shadow, opaque, transparent, translucent.

Materials - absorbency, rigid, flexibility etc., Rocks and soils – size of particles of soil and how to separate, drainage, permeability, hard/soft.

Evolution and Inheritance - fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth many years ago. How fossils are formed. Pupils can be introduced to the work of palaeontologists.

Animals including humans Healthy Eating - 5 food groups, healthy meals, bones, skeletons, muscles Forces - magnets and springs, basic push/pull (link to crime scenes - invisible ink, magnifiers, finger prints)

Teeth - types and functions. Materials - heating

Year 4

Moving and growing - skeleton, muscles, basic body parts Habitats - adaption of plants and animals, how suited to environment, feeding relationships, classification of animals – key

Sound – vibrations and patterns in pitch and volume

Animals including humans – digestive system and human teeth (build on Year 3), food chains

States of Matter - Intro Solids & Liquids - Melting and Freezing(heating and cooling), Ice – water Chocolate Dissolving – salt and sugar Separation (focus)- sieving and filtration. Electricity - Circuits and components, symbols conductors/ insulators.

Year 5

Earth sun and moon - Within solar system, day and night, shadows and how change from sun (build on yr3), seasons, phases of moon.

Animals including humans – living things, heart and place and function of organs in body (build on yr4), healthy diet (build on yr3),drugs/alcohol/smoking and importance of exercise(PSHE).

Forces – gravity, resistance, levers and pulleys.

Living things and their habitats – life cycles, caring for wildlife, reproduction, butterfly study.

Materials – dissolving and separating

Changing state - Reversible/Irreversible changes – build on year 4 (all states) but not from mixtures.

Year 6

Electricity - parallel and series putting within a context and relating to a project – link to Morse Code machines (build on year 4).

How we see - light (build on yr3 and 5) reflection and lines in straight line.

Interdependence and Adaption - (build on year 4). Evolution and Inheritance - Discuss the work of Charles Darwin on adaptation. Finding out about how cross breeding and selective breeding has led to improvements in the usefulness to humans of many plants and domestic animals. Give reasons why living things produce offspring of the same kind, but in many cases offspring are not identical with each other or with their parents.

Sound - investigations

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