Sporting Achievements

We will keep you updated with our sporting achievements throughout the academic year, some of the highlights from last term include:


Year 5 and 6 Cross Country (21st September 2017 – Melbourne park)




Well done to the year 5 and 6 runners! The cross country season has begun, Moulsham runners have completed their first race of the year with excellent attitude and results. All the teams have placed in the top 10. Year 5 girls came 8th, year 5 boys came 7th, year 6 boys came 3rd and year 6 girls came 1st in the team results.

An amazing start to this year’s sporting competitions.


Year 3 and 4 cross country

(28th September 2017 – Chelmer park)

The year 3 and 4 teams had their first race representing Moulsham at Chelmer park, all runners performed to the best of their abilities, all achieving great results as teams and individuals. The team results included a 1st for the year 3 boys team, and 6th for the year 3 girls’ team. Well done to all our runners



girls football tournament

(4th October 2017 – GBHS)

Miss Holden and Miss Elder took the girls to a football tournament in the morning, all the girls showed outstanding behaviour, sportsmanship and teamwork. The girls all grew confidence and ability as the tournament went on, this resulted in the girls winning the tournament and getting through to the next round!


Boys football tournament

(4th October 2017 – GBHS)

The Boys tournament was in the afternoon, the boys encouraged each other in all matches, the boys improved individually and as a team throughout the competition. Overall the boys’ teams finished 6th and 7th in a tough tournament. Well done!


Year 3 and 4 cross country

(12th October 2017 – Hylands)

At this race Moulsham runners represented the school with good behaviour as well as excellent results. All runners gave 100% to their races. Overall the year 3 teams both boys and girls, came 1st in the team results, as well as one of the year 3 boys (Josh C) collecting a bronze medal as an individual. The year 4 girls came 2nd overall and the year 4 boys came 4th


year 5 and 6 table tennis –

(16th October 2017 – CSAC)

We competed in a table tennis competition, all the children played some excellent matches, all children showed improvement throughout the competition. Overall the boys’ team came 3rd and the girls’ team came 2nd. Well done!


Tag rugby tournament –

(6th November 2017 – Writtle College)

Moulsham had two rugby teams at the event to represent the school. Both teams did really well at the event, all involved had great fun. Overall ‘Moulsham mayhem’ finished 12th, having won two and lost two of their pool games.

‘Moulsham mischief’ won the tournament on goal difference and are going through to the county finals.


year 5/6 cross country –

(9th November 2017 – Chelmer park)

Another good set of results from a yr 5/6 cross country race, all runners showed respect for others as well as excellent level of ability in long distance running. Over all the year 6 boys came 1st, yr 6 girls came 2nd and yr 5 girls came 3rd. well done to our runners.


Bowls event –

(15th November 2017 – falcon bowls club)

An excellent event run at the falcon bowls clubs, all the children had an excellent time learning and playing a variety of bowls games. It was a great experience for all involved, with the Moulsham A team receiving silver medals!


Year 3/4 cross country –

(16th November 2017 – Melbourne park)

The year 3 and 4 cross country runners once again had an outstanding race for the school, great team work, and excellent support for each other. Overall the year 3 boys came 1st, year 3 girls came 2nd, year 4 girls came 3rd and year 4 boys came 4th.


Boccia/Kurling/Archery –

(20th November 2017 – CSAC)

This was a new event run for 2017, with an amazing turn out of over 200 children from around Chelmsford taking part. Moulsham took a team for each event. The children in that represented Moulsham all had a fantastic afternoon learning new skills and sports.


Girls county football tournament –

(22nd November 2017 – Melbourne 3G)

The year 6 girls football team went to Melbourne 3G to represent Moulsham and Chelmsford in the country round of the girls football competition ran by the Essex FA. Throughout the tournament the girls showed team work, determination and ability. Overall all the girls came 3rd in their group narrowly missing out on the 3rd and 4th place play off by 1 point,

Well done girls an excellent performance!







Sports hall athletics –

(8th January 2018 – CSAC)

Mr Pugh, Mr Dyson and Miss Elder took the athletics team to the first round of the Chelmsford athletics competition, all children gave 100% effort and showed a very positive attitude towards all member of our school team and others. Overall we won the event with a 60 point clear lead to take us through to the next round.


Sports hall athletics Chelmsford final  –

( 23rd January 2018 – CSAC)

Having won the previous round of the athletics the team then had to take part in the Chelmsford final. The team were nervous, however all of the children had big smiles on their faces as they all cheered each other on. Many children set new PB results at this event, with Choice O in 6 king, achieving a massive Chelmsford sports hall athletics record for standing long jump with a jump of 2.20m!!

All children performed exceptionally well meaning that overall all we won the Chelmsford final and are through to the county finals in march.


Year 5/6 swimming gala –

(24th January 2018- GBHS)

The Moulsham swimming team went to GBHS, each child got to race in two races for the team. All swimmers did Moulsham proud and overall they won the event.


Year 5/6 swimming final –

(31st January 2018 – Newhall school)

Due to the team winning the previous event they then got to compete in the swimming gala final. The competition was full of strong swimmers from our school and other competing schools.

Moulsham finished the event in 2nd place which meant all children got a medal. Well done Moulsham swimmers!


Year 5/6 cross country –

( 1st February 2018 – Melbourne park )  

This was the last cross country league race of the season. All Moulsham runners did Moulsham very proud during the season.

The Moulsham Junior School year 6 girls and the year 6 boys both won the league and got a trophy for the school.


year 3/4 cross country –

(8th February 2018 – Melbourne park)

Unfortunately due to the closure of the school on this day we could not take a whole team to cross country. However some runners from Moulsham chose to go along with their parents and represent the school.  Thank you and well done!


Superstars –

(20th February 2018 – CSAC)

This event was for the whole of year 4, all children behaved well and had a fun morning at the event. All children came back with a big smile and very excited about the morning they had.


All years cross country relay – (8th march 2018 – Melbourne park)

We took 48 children along to this race in mixed teams. All the runners had fun and enjoyed running alongside other member s of the school running team.


Sports hall athletics count final – (14th march 2018 – Southend)

The athletics team had an early start at were on the coach by 8 to go to the sports hall athletics event, all athletes were felling nervous however the all performed to the best of their ability on the day. Many of our school athletes got a PB in there events!

Overall we finished 8th at the event which means we are 8th in the Essex county for indoor athletics.


High 5s netball – (26th march 2018 – GBHS)

The netball team went to GBHS to compete in a netball tournament. All the team showed fantastic enthusiasm and sportsmanship towards other schools competing. They played a total of 6 matches. Well done!


Couch to course – (27th march – CSAC)

Couch to course is a brand new competition this year. All children had 3 PE lessons training for the obstacle and skill based event.  Moulsham entered 3 Hughes, all children and staff involved had great fun, one of the Moulsham teams won the overall event!


Cross country county final –

(19th April 2018 – Hadleigh park)

The Moulsham Junior School year 3 cross country teams made it through to this year’s county final held at Hadleigh park. All the runners did amazingly well in the races on a difficult course with hills and changes of ground texture underfoot.  Overall the year 3 boys finished 5th out of the county and the year 3 girls finished 6th out of the county. Well done!


Cross country county final individuals  –

(20th April 2018 – Hadleigh park)

Well done to the 7 Moulsham runners who made it through to the individual cross county final. Thank you to Moulsham parents for taking the children to the event. All children came back to the school with a smile on their faces.


Tag rugby county final –

(24th April 2018 – Southend rugby club)

The tag rugby team went to the county finals to compete against the best 15 school in the county.

Mr Pugh organised and coached the team through all of the tag rugby this year leading up to this event.  

The team certainly did Mr Pugh proud.  It was an event of outstanding tag rugby as whole team. They were fantastic at taking tags and scoring tries all day long, they played 10 matches in total, winning 6 drawing 2 and losing 2.     Finishing the event in 4th place! Well done to the tag rugby team and Mr Pugh.














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