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It is our INTENT at Moulsham Junior School to inspire a love of creativity and a passion for self-expression through the use of Art. We intend to develop the skill sets of the children to enable them to do this effectively, to explore their imaginations and to recognise their style as an artist while promoting a lifelong love of Art and Artists. This will IMPACT on the children and their love of learning, intertwining art across the curriculum, learning through expression and exploration.

The children will become more invested and enthusiastic about the topics they are learning when they can express their learning creatively. Children will develop their artistic skills and become creative thinkers, self-evaluating (as well as peer evaluating), self-reflecting and self-correcting: transferable and real world skills practise. Children will develop a confidence and a growth mind-set that will enable them to be successful across the curriculum. We intend to IMPLEMENT this through planning for inspiring topics and delivering engaging lessons where children are guided gently but ultimately, are free to explore and encouraged to develop their own style.